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Terms of Use

User conduct

By using this Site, you agree that you will not:

  • Unlawfully use this Site and any Content within it (defined below), nor utilize such in any manner that might lead to the support, obtainment, or commitment of criminal activities;

  • transfer files containing viruses, trojans or other harmful programs; and

  • use this Site or any Content within it (defined below) to disrupt, harm, weaken or reduce the Site’s efficiency; or

  • use this Site for reasons other than personal or non-profit educational use.

Rights granted and rights reserved

All Content within this Site including, but not limited to, images, text, video, and audio, or the collection thereof, is the property of Vana E. Robertson; Thus, such Content is the intellectual property of Vana E. Robertson unless otherwise stipulated (such as indicated by citations or quotation marks) and may be protected by Canadian and international copyright or comparable laws. Your use of this Site and its Content awards you no rights relative to Vana E. Robertson’s intellectual property in this Site and its Content.

Vana E. Robertson welcomes any knowledge concerning copyrights, and if you believe that you are the copyright holder of any Content within this Site and Vana E. Robertson has not been granted your permission to use it, please contact her at

You are not permitted to copy, reproduce, recreate, republish, post, profit on, print, broadcast, perform, record, sell, share, download, transmit, commercially exploit, edit, nor communicate or distribute publicly this Site’s pages nor any of its Content. You are nonetheless permitted to view this Site and access its intact and undistorted Content for personal or non-profit educational use, making only temporary downloads of any Content for the solitary purpose of viewing or listening to the Content as intended within the Site’s function, provided all copyright and intellectual property rights are acknowledged and respected. This right may be revoked with notice to you at any time.

Any use that has not been permitted within this Terms of Use can only commence with prior and express written consent.

Emails from Vana E. Robertson

Use of any material or substance included within emails received from Vana E. Robertson is further subject to these Terms of Use.  


Inquiries or responses related to this Site and/or its Content is welcome. However, Vana E. Robertson may decline unsolicited suggestions and ideas at her discretion. Apart from this, inquiries, responses, proposals, opinions, or other information provided by you will be considered non-exclusive and non-classified.

Through any Submission, you bestow Vana E. Robertson a royalty-free, non-limited, moveable, and entirely sub-licensable right to utilize, reproduce, adapt, acclimate, distribute, sell, allocate, interpret, derive works from, dispense, and exhibit Submissions in any manner, whether currently known or henceforth established, unaccompanied or within a larger body or project. You furthermore acknowledge that any Submission may not be restored to your ownership, and that your Submission, and any notions, impressions, knowledge, or intellectual property rights contained in it could be utilized for any resolution.

If a Submission if made by you, then you promise that you are the owner of, or else control the rights to, your Submission. You further guarantee that such Submission does not comprise or include spam such as but not limited to software viruses, commercial solicitation, chain letters, and/or mass mailings. You are not permitted to using an incorrect email address, pose as any person or entity, or otherwise delude Vana E. Robertson as to the supplier of any Submission. You hereby concede that you will compensate Vana E. Robertson fully and entirely for any claim associated to any Submission provided by yourself.

Links with other websites

You may create links to this Site provided that you:

  • do not eliminate or conceal any copyright notice or other notices within this Site; and

  • do not create a link that might suggest any kind of non-existent relationship, endorsement or certification on Vana E. Robertson’s behalf; and

  • do not create a link to this Site within a website or websites that is/are not owned by you; and

  • provide Vana E. Robertson notice of any links to this Site by emailing; and

  • instantly stop providing any links to this Site upon request; and

  • do not establish embedded links, or such that limit or prevent access to the Site in full.

Links found within this Site might lead to third party websites that are not under the control of Vana E. Robertson. These are solely meant as references and are provided for your convenience. Vana E. Robertson does not profess support for nor regulate any such websites and can not be held responsible for any such contents found within such websites. No liability or obligation is accepted for such, and Vana E. Roberson will not be held responsible for any losses or harm that might result from using such websites. You agree not to involve Vana E. Robertson in any dispute which might occur between you and any third party, such as linked websites.


This Site might include Content found to be offensive by some users, or otherwise contentious, objectionable, and/or exclusively appropriate for adults. If you are a child-guardian, it is your obligation to certify this Site and its Content is suitable for your child’s use or viewing. It is recommended that persons under the age of 18 are overseen while accessing this Site. You ought not access this Site’s Content if you believe you might be offended.

Limits on Liability

Vana E. Robertson is not liable for: (i) damages or costs that have occurred due to breaching the Terms of Use; (ii) unforeseeable losses. Loss is foreseeable when it is an obvious outcome,  or if both Vana E. Robertson and you knew it might happen (iii) error in giving this Site or in meeting any responsibilities covered within these Terms of Use in which such error is a result of incidents beyond control, such as but not limited to network failure.

Vana E. Robertson is not accountable for business losses. This Site is for private use. If you use this Site for commercial or business purposes, Vana E. Robertson will and can not be held liable to you for any harms or losses regardless of contraction, offence such as but not limited to negligence, breach of legal obligation, or even foreseeable events in correlation with: (i) use of, or incapacity to use, this Site; or (ii) use of or dependence on any Content within this Site. Vana E. Robertson will and can not be held responsible for any loss of revenue, loss of business, business disruption, or loss of business prospect.

Vana E. Robertson does not accept any responsibility for harm your computer system might acquire or for any loss of data that results from using this Site and can not assure that any files you download do not contain viruses, infection, or harmful elements.

While Vana E. Robertson aims to use sensible practices to correct any mistakes or omissions as soon as possible when brought to her attention, she can not guarantee that the information on this Site is free from errors or omissions.  Vana E. Robertson does not promise that this Site will be available without disruptions nor in a fully operational state.

Admission to use or view this Site or any part of it may be halted briefly and without warning in cases of system failure, maintenance, repair or other reasons beyond regulation.


You agree to compensate Vana E. Robertson in full for any costs, losses or harm, including legal fees, that occur Vana E. Robertson’s intellectual property rights are broken in assembly with your use of this Site and/or its Content, or which are a consequence of your use of software robots, spiders, crawlers or any other data gathering and extraction tools, or from any of your activities that impose an unreasonable drain or weight.


If Vana E. Robertson takes no legal action for your breach of the Terms of Use, she is still be entitled to use entitlements and solutions in any other circumstance where you breach the Terms of Use.

If you breach the Terms of Use, Vana E. Robertson takes legal action against you, and a court decides in her favour, you will be liable for all costs permissible by the courts. Furthermore, you agree to pay Vana E. Robertson for any claim or legal proceedings taken against her by another because of your breaching the Terms of Use.

If any part of these Terms of Use is not permitted or discovered to be ineffectual by a court or official, all other stipulations will continue to be valid.

These Terms of Use may not provide rights to anyone except you and Vana E. Robertson. 

Changes to Terms of Use

Vana E. Robertson might amend these Terms of Use occasionally, and any adjustments will be published on this page. By persisting to use this Site, you are considered in agreement to be bound by any such amendments and modified terms. This page was last updated on 09 June 2021.

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