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Vana E. Robertson is a Canadian-Settler Artist from British Columbia interested in visualizing research to create aesthetically intriguing and contextually engaged works exploring relevant sociological, political, environmental, and economic issues to encourage sound acknowledgement and address.


Prolonged by the slow onset of a physically debilitating chronic illness that began in 2017, taking full hold by 2018, Robertson is progressing toward a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree from the University of British Columbia at the Okanagan Campus on Unceded Sylix Territory, and currently majoring in Visual Art with a minor in Sociology. 


Regardless of ongoing physical limitations, it is Robertson's goal to complete a Masters of Fine Arts Degree and a PhD in Fine Arts after obtaining a Bachelor's Degree.

Preferred methods include sculpture, installation, painting, drawing, videography, as well as digital and multi-media.

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